Hosted by the Biodiversity Institute in partnership with Audubon Rockies, and the Draper Museum of Natural History




The mission of the Biodiversity Institute is to foster the understanding, appreciation and conservation of biological diversity through innovative research, education, and outreach, and by engaging a broad audience in the scientific process.



The following list includes topics we are interested in. These themes are intended as suggestions to help guide you in preparing a successful, relevant proposal & presentation.


  • Understanding diversity/demographics in citizen science participation
  • Social barriers to citizen science participation
  • Data access
  • Who owns research outcomes?

Research and Evaluation

  • What’s our impact
    • Individual-level
    • Program-wide
  • Assessment
  • Where does our data go?


Online Citizen Science

  • Tools for people running projects
  • Accessible technology innovation

Participant Engagement, Recruitment & Retention

  • Creative mechanisms for engaging people
  • Goals and motivations of citizen science

K-12 Centered Citizen Science

  • Science standards
  • Professional Development
  • Engaging and supporting teachers in curriculum-based citizen science
  • Teaching with citizen science



The following activities will take place during the Rocky Mountain Citizen Science Conference. We hope you'll join in on the fun!

Museum biodiversity scavenger hunt

  • Attendees will be invited to participate in a Biodiversity Scavenger hunt during the 3-day conference. The Museum Curator for the Draper Natural History Museum will lead an activity wherein participants will explore and discover the various species throughout the museum.  

Project Slam

  • A fun, fast-paced way to learn about and welcome new faces and ideas in citizen science. The Slam will involve short presentations about new projects and approaches. Audience particiaption is encouraged, and will help determine the “People’s Choice Award”. The Slam will take place during a social event Friday night with a cash bar on site. 

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